Hi, I’m Melisa Morrison, the owner of Dalton Resale. I’m the proud mother of 3 beautiful children and I’m excited to bring quality clothing to your family, from infants to adults. My mother, and now I, have been providing families with quality clothing for 38 years. 
Since 1980, Dalton Children's Resale, on N. Thornton Avenue, has had the honor to be a part of the Dalton community. Over 38 years ago, Denise Morrison, my mother, opened our store with the vision of providing children in our community with gently worn, name brand clothing, at a portion of the retail price. Denise tirelessly invested her time and hard work into creating the best resale store in the Dalton area. 
Denise is now retired and a great grandmother. After Denise's retirement, I took over the operation of the store, expanding it to offer not only children's clothing, but adults as well. I understand the financial demand that clothing expenses can bring to families. I look forward to continuing my mother’s vision with Dalton Children's Resale. 
Recently, my mother and I had a new vision for Dalton Children's Resale. As times have changed, so has the way people shop. The decision to follow suit with technology and offer online shopping was finally made in July of 2018.  It is still our vision to offer quality, name brand resale, and new clothing to our community as well as nationwide.